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International Debate Education Association (IDEA) - Second Wave “My City Real World”

United Kingdom
Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsLocal community organisations/NGOsLaw enforcement officers
key themes association
Local strategies/citiesVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
Peer Reviewed practice


Second Wave “My City Real World”

Second Wave is a project executed by International Debate Education Association (IDEA) IDEA NL, based in Amsterdam, is the overarching for all debate organizations that are members of IDEA.

IDEA supports the debate organizations in their activities and coordinate joint events. As for example IDEA provides training, raises funds for joint projects, debate organizations offers space to promote themselves via the IDEA website and provides a platform for interaction.

In addition, IDEA organizes a number of events where the partner organizations can take part in, such as the International Youth Forum for high school students.

Other offices around the world:

  • IDEA UK (London)
  • IDEA Central Asia (Bishkek)
  • IDEA FR (Brussels)
  • IDEA SEE (Skopje)

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

Second wave “My City Real World” is a cooperation between a group of Dutch youngsters from the Schilderswijk and the Dutch community police, working on mutual understanding, investing in empowerment of the youngsters and the neighbourhood and social inclusion.

A group of about 6 police officers and 20 youngsters took part in trainings, open dialogues, workshops and debates. What happens in society and themes like radicalisation are woven into the programme. Both the police officers as well as the youngsters shared their emotions, anger and the misunderstandings, and eventually came closer to each other.

The youngsters got to know the person behind the uniform, and the police officers got to know the boys behind the nuisance. This project shows that change starts at small scale.

Gouda experienced troubles between police and youth in the recent past. Second Wave “My City Real World” launched a project in 2010 for youth and policemen to find solutions together. This resulted in positive effects on the relation between youth and the police.

Therefore, the City, police and My City Real World will now launch a second round of the project. Ten youth and ten police officers will talk with each other through interactive exercises to increase communication, mutual trust and understanding for the coming year.


A short documentary following the participants of the 2012 Second Wave project in Gouda, Netherlands.

Innovative and pioneering workshops and discussions brought together young Dutch Moroccans and members of the police force in Gouda, to challenge stereotypes and build understanding between the two groups.

Contact details


International Debate Education Association,
Mariahoek 16-17,
3511LG Utrecht,
The Netherlands

Telephone: (+31) 30 633 12 94

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Second Wave “My City Real World”
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