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Identification of violent extremism and radicalisation in Finnish prisons

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The Criminal Sanctions Agency

The Criminal Sanctions Agency is a governmental organisation comprising of a Central Administration Unit, three criminal sanctions regions in Finland and an Enforcement Unit. The Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services is also part of the Agency.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency oversees 26 prisons. Prisoners serve their sentences either in a closed prison (70 %) or in an open institution (30 %). Prisoners considered more likely to adapt to freer conditions than the conditions in closed prisons are placed in open institutions.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The aim of this 18-month project was to detect and identify radicalisation among the prison population.

The project included individual prison sentence planning, individual risk assessments, use of safe placements and interventions to prevent violent radicalisation.

We also worked on dynamic security by the efficient collection of information on imprisonment.

To counter violent extremism, the project facilitated cooperation across different networks, as well as the exchange of information within the correctional institution and with other actors.


Final report of the project (available only in Finnish, but English version may be delivered by practice owner upon request).

Training modules are not publicly available.

Contact details


The Criminal Sanctions Agency
Siltaniitynkuja 2
01260 Vantaa

Contact person: Jouni Holappa
Telephone: +35 8504325798
Email | Website

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Identification of violent extremism and radicalisation in Finnish prisons
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