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Violent right-wing extremismVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
Peer Reviewed practice


Police Headquarters in Rzeszow and police stations in the podkarpackie voivodeship

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description:

As football hooligans are often involved in incidents of hate speech, racism and violence, their connection with far right extremism has become clearer. By educating young people about their responsibilities, the aim is to increase awareness among youth (participants in mass gatherings) about criminal offences (including those involving “hate speech” and extremist acts) committed in connection with mass gatherings, especially football matches.

The approach:

  • explain responsibility and consequences of any criminal offences and membership in hooligan groups
  • promote positive attitudes during sporting events, especially football matches, including behaviours that are not racist, xenophobic or threatening (“hate speech”)


  • meetings (featuring athletes and sport activists) with youth, parents, representatives of sport clubs and fan clubs
  • development and dissemination of information and advice (leaflets, presentations, movies)
  • sport activities


  • Training videos
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Leaflets

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Contact person: mł. asp. Jerzy Ossoliński
Telephone: (+48) 178 582 544
Email | Website


Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Rzeszowie
30 Dąbrowskiego Street,
35-036 Rzeszów