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Haver: Informal Jewish Education

Target Audience
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Haver Informal Jewish Educational Foundation

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Our mission is to change the attitudes of young people and build a society where all can coexist with certain shared values and a common understanding. The activities we present and run in class cover topics on identity, heritage, the Holocaust, the Jewish quarter (outdoor), and community challenges. We use informal educational methodologies and tools in this effort. Dialogue between Jews and non-Jews leads to tolerance and common understanding. It is our strongly held belief that only compassionate young people who respect diversity can repel the growing tendency towards anti-Semitism and prejudice in Hungary.

According to the latest empirical studies, 38 % of the Hungarian population is anti-Semitic. At the political level, with the emergence of the populist extreme-right-wing political party Jobbik (and other, even more radical groups), anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia have secured an institutional framework in the past decade. Consequently, public discourse is becoming increasingly intolerant towards the Jewish community as well as minority and marginalised groups in general. This phenomenon is evident in multiple aspects of society: in Parliament, in print and online media, on TV and radio programmes, on social media platforms and in everyday interactions.

By providing extracurricular educational activities that boost key skills and competences lacking in the local educational system (e.g. critical thinking, or the culture of debate and conflict resolution), we strive to have a unique impact on the mindset of Hungarian youth and bring about change in their attitudes.

Above all, Haver is a volunteer-based organisation. Our educational activities are all conducted by specially trained young volunteers who are members of the Jewish community. Every educational activity presents an opportunity for students to meet and speak with openly Jewish educators who are their peers.


Haver has produced several handbooks and a range of educational material. This includes short videos (available on its website) and a publication on tolerance education in high schools.

Contact details


Haver Informal Jewish Educational Foundation

Budapest, 1075 Rumbach Sebestyén utca
11-13 Hungary

Contact person: Julia Des
Telephone: +36 302 225 559
Email | Website

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26 DE MAIO DE 2021
Haver: Informal Jewish Education
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