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Migration and Home Affairs
19 March 2024

Family Counselling – Support for parents of ‘foreign fighters’ or youths at risk to be radicalised

  • Germany
Target Audience
  • Families
  • Youth/pupils/students
key themes association
  • Deradicalisation/disengagement
  • Family support
  • 2023


Violence Prevention Network

The NGO Violence Prevention Network is a group of experienced specialists with many years of experience in the fields of prevention of extremism and deradicalisation.

Various federal ministries, state-level justice departments, state-level and national security agencies and institutional partners have worked closely with the association from its inception, and value the group’s high degree of knowledge and competency and outstanding reputation.

The main focus of the Violence Prevention Network is to work directly with radicalised people at different stages of radicalisation. The aim is to support them in distancing themselves from inhumane ideologies and violent behaviour.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Family Counselling supports parents of ‘foreign fighters’ and guides them in their communication process with their radicalised children. At the same time, the project aims to help young people at risk of radicalisation and to prevent the recruitment of vulnerable youths. Family Counselling is designed to support parents during both the absence of their children as ‘foreign fighters’ and the return process of their radicalised children.


The project extends consultation and support to parents or other concerned persons worried about young people who are either attracted by the idea of becoming a ‘foreign fighter’ or who are already involved in combat operations.

After parents contact Family Counselling via a special hotline, the trainers arrange to meet them so as to address their fears and explain their options for action. The counselling aims to stabilise their relationship to the young person at hand, in order to start a guided deradicalisation process.

Furthermore, the team establishes a support network that involves the entire social and family environment: together, they design an individual support programme tailored to the needs of the young person at risk.

Contact details


Violence Prevention Network
Alt-Reinickendorf 25
13407 Berlin

Contact person: Judy Korn, CEO
Telephone: (+49) 30 91 70 54 64
judy [dot] kornatviolence-prevention-network [dot] de (Email) | Website

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19 MARCH 2024
Family Counselling – Support for parents of ‘foreign fighters’ or youths at risk to be radicalised