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Deradicalisation by mapping of regions and strengthen the local institutions

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The Fundament civic association’s objective is to represent the interests of social organisations, communities and private persons, to find alternative solutions of the economic and social problems as well as their application in concrete cases. In co-operation with the business and public sector it tries to create and strengthen the dynamically developing NGO sector in the region of Gemer-Malohont (Slovakia), which can react to the challenges faced in Slovakia or in the European Union.

Main areas of activities:

  • Operation of a non-profit centre, that provides services for NGOs, municipalities, schools and governmental subjects in the region
  • Co-ordination of the non-profit platform´s activities in the region, managing a regional support mechanism
  • Creation of partnerships between NGOs, public administration and entrepreneurs

Fundament is supported by grants of EU, Slovak government, international and local funds.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Our practice has 3 main activities:

  1. Background research for government, local municipalities and other subjects about ethnical minorities of Slovak Republic with special focus on Roma people (social situation, geographical location, lifestyle, education level, integration, etc.). Preparation action plans for local first-liners to empower the institutional background, which can solve the local issues and helps in prevention of radicalisation.
  2. Organisation of round table meeting with local first-line practitioners, authorities, teachers, police officers, social workers to discuss the most pressing issues and share best practices how to counter extremist actions.
  3. Operation of a regional news website, where we publish analysis of local situation, spread best practices, show positive examples of tolerance and mutual understanding, and give opportunity to local readers to discuss issues on the comment section.


5 round tables in South Slovakia, Atlas of Roma Communities in Slovakia 2013 (handbook, we took part on collecting data in South Slovakia), 18 action plans for local municipalities, approximately 150 articles about positive examples and local situation analysis in the language of Hungarian minority living on Slovakia

Contact details


Daxnerova 33,
979 01 Rimavská,
Sobota, Slovakia

Contact person: Peter MIHALY
Telephone: (+42) 1948 91 30 32
mihaly [dot] peterathotmail [dot] com (Email)| Fundament Website | Gomorilap Website

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De-radicalisation by mapping of regions and strengthen the local institutions
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