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Derad theatre-therapy workshop

Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsFirst responders or practitionersFamilies
key themes association
Mental health issuesVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
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The Megálló Group Foundation for Addicts

Is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), established 15 years ago. Megálló’s programs are implemented for and by alcohol, drug or other substance-addicted young people. They work with the victims of stigmatisation, usually young people who are designated as strange or deviant because of their diversity or disease, who dropped out from their families, communities and the environment that surrounded them, or those disadvantaged young people who are about to lose the game called life.

Megálló is an organisation of help and self-help. With group work they help young people with any kind of addiction problem. The decisions and deeds of its helpers must show the attitude of serving and humility, the sober values based on self examination, a personal guide.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

The aim of the Megálló Group Foundation for Addicts’ de-radicalisation work is developed to prevent youngsters from violent extremism and to teach them how to express their opinion in an acceptable way.

The main method of Megálló’s de-radicalisation work is based on theatre-therapy, using drama-pedagogy elements as well as psychodrama exercises.

The youngsters at risk take part in the theatre-therapy workshops on a regular basis, normally twice a week.

The participants in the workshop are mainly young people with different addiction problems that usually have low self-confidence without the use of drugs.


Megálló has a “drama and therapy” course which is taught at the ELTE University (Faculty of Special Education).

Contact details


49 Jozsef street,
1084 Budapest, Hungary

Contact person: Mrs Timea Kiss-Lukasik
Telephone: (+36) 709539286
Email | Website

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Derad theatre-therapy workshop
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