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UK National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ (NCTPHQ) (Formerly ACPO(TAM))

NCTPHQ is the strategic coordinating and liaison body of the UK police response to Prevent across all 43 police force.


Delta is financed by the National Counter-Terrorism Policing HQ using central government CT funding.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

Delta is a community multi-media exercise developed by Somali community groups for the Somali community in the United Kingdom. Delta follows Saeed, a young Somali boy who grows up in a Western society and is faced with the dilemmas of a diaspora society trying to come to terms with integration and inclusion, whilst retaining their cultural values.

The exercise allows members of the Somalia diaspora to discuss the issues faced by Saeed and come up with practical solutions that can support other young people to build personal resilience against extremist ideology. The exercise also highlights the positive contribution already made by the Somali community in the UK.


Training modules, DVD and linked workbooks.

Delivery and cost

Free, excluding venue and provisions. Delta is best delivered by community representatives or agency leads with support from community representatives.

Training on the delivery of this product is required and provided at no extra cost. It is strongly recommended that delivery should be undertaken by facilitators who have an in-depth understanding of the UK Somalia diaspora.

Contact details


NCTPHQ Prevent,
8th Floor,
10 Victoria Street,
London, SW1H 0NN


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7 ZÁŘÍ 2021
(142.07 KB - PDF)