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Migration and Home Affairs
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The game

The game was conceptualised and produced by three organisations.

The Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip) is an independent research institute founded in 1979 and committed to fundamental research in the field of international politics.

Besides international academic publishing,  the Institute’s researchers are engaged in teaching, policy consultancy and public awareness raising.

Bloodirony Games is a small Vienna-based game studio fully dedicated to creating mobile indie games. SUBOTRON is a platform for digital game culture in Vienna, Austria.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

DECOUNT is an interactive game that recreates the radicalisation processes of four protagonists. The player can decide how the stories unfold and each decision entails certain consequences. The protagonists are four young people, male and female, who radicalise in the jihadi and the right-wing extremist scenes.

The game is based on interviews with current and former radicals and the analysis of online extremist propaganda, as well as interviews and tests with young people. The design includes a social media interface, minigames, comics and swipe cards, as well as short videos and audio messages.

The objectives of the game are to: illustrate how radicalisation works starting with everyday situations; raise awareness about the narratives and strategies of extremist actors; stimulate critical thinking and the skills to question and confront extremist propaganda and to formulate alternative solutions to problems; and steer attitudes away from extremist ideas and pre-radical stereotypes.

The game can be used for primary and secondary prevention and especially in work with youth. It can also be used as part of tertiary prevention with counselling.

The game can be played as such or can be used within workshops or in schools to discuss certain topics more in depth or to stimulate the involvement of the target group in discussions and/or the creation of alternative scenarios.


The trailer for the game can be viewed at: YouTube channel

DECOUNT - the game and the educational material are available on the website in German and English free of charge.

Contact details


Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip),
Währinger Strasse 3/12, 1090,
Vienna, Austria

Contact person: Daniela Pisoiu
Telephone: (+43) 15 811 106

Read the full practice

DECOUNT - the Game
(151.86 KB - PDF)