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UK National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ (NCTPHQ) (Formerly ACPO(TAM))

NCTPHQ is the strategic coordinating and liaison body of the UK police response to Prevent across all 43 police force.


Financed by the National Counter-Terrorism Policing HQ using central government CT funding.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

Operation Bachelor and Operation Graduate are two discussion exercises developed by the ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit to help the police engage with representatives from the further and higher education sector. In addition the exercises will help increase awareness of the Prevent strategy and develop relationships between the police, students and staff.

The exercises both use a short film to set the scene and initiate debate amongst participants about what affects the safety and security of students. Links are made between personal safety and the security of the UK, and participants are asked to consider ways in which vulnerabilities should be referred.


Scenario exercises have been developed for these products which include; extremist leaflets found on campus; extremist student society created on campus, raised student tensions as a result of hate crimes; extremist speakers visiting the university and a student who is suspected of viewing terrorist material online. A series of leaflets have been created to assist the discussions.

Delivery and Cost: Free, excluding venue and provisions. Training is also provided at no cost. Delivered by university staff.

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8th Floor,
10 Victoria Street
London, SW1H 0NN


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Bachelor and Graduate
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