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Migration and Home Affairs

Sociocultural and behavioural keys of violent radicalization

Target Audience
Prison / probation
key themes association
Prison and probationTraining


Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The training targets prison, probation and penitentiary staff, with the aim being for them to:

  • become aware of and identify the main features of Islamic religion and culture;
  • analyse the evolution and radicalisation of Jihadism in our social environment;
  • improve their identification and detection of indicators linked to personal processes of radicalisation.

This training is similar to that of the training activity 'Cat 1', with the difference here being that each subject is explored in depth.

Training is delivered by external experts in related fields (police, the university and a research institute studying this area).

Duration: 20 hours

Resources: a classroom with commonly used school equipment (PC, projector, etc.) and funding for the trainers.


Face-to-face training

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7. ZÁŘÍ 2021
Sociocultural and behavioural keys of violent radicalization
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