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Migration and Home Affairs
  • Germany
Target Audience
  • Online community
  • Youth/pupils/students
key themes association
  • Internet and radicalisation
  • Islamist extremism
  • Training
  • 2021


Akzeptanz, Vertrauen, Perspektive (Acceptance, Trust, Perspective) - AVP e.V. is an NGO based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

When it was founded in 2002, the association saw itself as a non-profit organisation that promoted the integration of Russian-speaking young people and adolescents in Germany.

With over 70 employees today, AVP e.V. makes an important contribution to social work in Düsseldorf and Berlinas well as at national and international levels, in the areas of family counselling, educational, youth, cultural and prevention work.

Type of organisation: NGO

Project description

The project streetwork@online seeks to establish a dialogue with young people from Berlin between the ages of 16 and 27. This will strengthen their capacity for critical reflection and support them in their identity formation.

The project aims to counteract Islamist radicalisation. It focuses on online measures and actions. The project is supported by the Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt (Berlin Commission against Violence).

Key activities:

  • Online-Streetwork: The team reaches out to young people through social media. In practice, this means that we participate in discussions in comment columns of various Facebook groups as well as on Instagram and TikTok or engage in one-to-one chats. The aim is to encourage users to reflect on their own perspectives and actions. We are also creating our own content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The content is based mostly on current events and topics that might be interesting for our target group
  • Iam-street Berlin: Via the platform Iam-street Berlin, we publish video content. We focus on interviews produced together with local film teams. These interviews with strong and popular personalities aim to inspire our target audience to follow their own path. There’s no current production of new videos, but the platform is still online and is recognised by the target group.

The streetwork@online team consists of seven people. We combine specialist knowledge and several years of working experience in the fields of youth work, Islamic studies, political studies and theology as well as cultural and media pedagogy to create an innovative approach. Due to various cultural and religious imprints, we can gain access to our target group in an empathic and respectful manner.

In addition, we offer workshops and specialised presentations for multipliers. In these workshops basic knowledge on Islamism, stigmatisation, anti-Muslim racism, online radicalisation processes and gender specific addresses are conveyed as well as basics on content-based and non-content based online streetwork.

The goal is to sensitise the participants to those topics, help them become more aware of the narratives they might have and to give them some tools for their work.


Fact Sheet and folding poster “Sozialraum Social Media – Radikalisierungsprozesse und Identität online ” (German language) [social media as social room – radicalisation processes and online identity]

Booklet “Online-Streetwork – Ein erweiterter Ansatz der aufsuchenden Jugendarbeit... (German language) [online streetwork – an extended approach of outreach youth work]

Narrative videos with role models (German language)

Contact details


Postfach 20 02 59
13512 Berlin

Contact person: Sabrina Radhia Behrens
Telephone: +49 (0)304 998 2300
behrensatstreetwork [dot] online (Email) | Website

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26 MAY 2021