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Migration and Home Affairs

Networking Platform/Afghan and Chechen Communities

Target Audience
AuthoritiesLocal community organisations/NGOsYouth/pupils/students
key themes association
(Early) preventionCommunity engagement/civil society


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity

Vienna is a diverse, open and international city. Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity works towards integration, social cohesion and equal opportunities and against discrimination and racism every day.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The main objectives of the practice are: 

  • to strengthen resilience in terms of dealing with the challenges of everyday life, social participation and prevention of radicalisation;
  • to empower communities and their associations by developing networks and dialogue with the authorities and with institutions like the municipal departments of the City of Vienna, health institutions, the police, educational and labour market institutions;
  • to develop networks and dialogue with wider society, e.g. neighbourhood associations;
  • to offer training and information on relevant topics for daily life;
  • to develop projects that will further the societal inclusion of communities.

Preventive work against radicalisation and promotion of the capacity to participate in democratic processes involves:

  • creating a sense of togetherness and belonging;
  • establishing and maintaining an active and inclusive dialogue;
  • educating and informing on actual and relevant topics;
  • increasing transcultural competence among community members and authorities;
  • encouraging active participation in and dialogue with wider society.

The networking platform has several subprojects, described below.

  • A training and discussion platform focusing on different target groups (children, youth and adults) on the following topics: non-violent methods of conflict resolution, drug prevention, health, safety issues, sexuality, civil courage, domestic violence, etc.
  • Women's cafés and women's platforms (creation of safe spaces for women, where they can meet and develop various activities (discussions and trainings) on gender, women's role in society, religion, social, health and educational issues, prevention and deradicalisation and leisure activities. One such case is the women's groups visit to the Mauthausen Memorial as part of a project to study and discuss the topic of antisemitism).
  • Women’s Cafés changed their Form to online-cafés in the time of the pandemic.
  • Communities may develop small-scale projects focusing on dialogue with the wider society.
  • Workshops for teenagers with a focus on democracy, non-violence and leisure activities.


All information and experiences garnered through the project are used to develop training measures for employees involved in all important areas of ​​social policies and services. Project reports and training manuals are delivered and used by administrative and relevant partners of the Vienna Network for Deradicalisation and Prevention.

Contact details


City of Vienna
Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity
Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 3
A-1080 Vienna

Contact person: Dr Almir Ibric
Telephone: (+43) 1400081545
Email | Website

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26 MAY 2021
Networking Platform/Afghan and Chechen Communities
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