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Deradicalisation/disengagementVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
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Ministry of the Interior, Finland

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

Anchor work refers to multi-professional collaboration, the purpose of which is to promote the wellbeing of adolescents, prevent crime and violent radicalisation.

Anchor work is carried out by a multi-professional Anchor team which consists of professionals from the police, social services, health services, education and youth services. Also, by providing access to these fields of expertise and competence has been harnessed in some other way for use in Anchor work.

The team meets the adolescent and their family at the earliest stage possible, so that the adolescent can be supported in their situation and referred to other help or support, where necessary.


Anchor Manual

Observations and recommendations for local collaboration of referral mechanism of persons of concern in local multi-stakeholder collaboration for preventing violent radicalisation.

Reporton experiences of the state of play of multi-professional Anchor work in case management practices and referral mechanisms for people of concern.

Contact details


Ministry of the Interior
Kirkkokatu 12,
00024 Government,
Helsinki, Finland

Contact person: Emilia Hämäläinen
Telephone: +358 295 488 221
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Multi-professional Anchor work
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