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We are a cooperative non-profit called EDUVIC S.C.C.L. and we work on accompaniment and familiar therapy. We have been working on this for more than 25 years.

Our work is based on neuroscience. Neuroscience is the science that studies our neuronal connections. It is proved that if we live with an organised timetable, have healthy habits and healthy meals, have a good rest, and practice some sports or physical activity, we get a balance between body, mind and soul that brings us a sense of well-being.

We work on this in our cooperative’s Social, Academic and Sports dimensions.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The Move IN Involved Sport project is specifically designed with the aim of preventing at-risk behaviour and radicalisation and coaching and guiding children and young people (from 10 to 16 years old). We organise sports activities in sports clubs, open neighbourhood centres, centres specifically for young minors and secondary schools to prevent at-risk behaviour and radicalisation and to foster social inclusion.

A team of multidisciplinary professionals offers an initial seminar and methodological assessment to coaches and sports teachers during their daily professional practice to introduce special sports activities for the acquisition of values and skills to the participants that serve as a preventive factor of radicalisation as well as promoting a greater sense of belonging in their neighbourhood.

We use a tool called ‘behaviour barometer’. The behaviour barometer is an education and awareness-raising tool to identify radicalisation processes in their incipient stages. It is divided into four behaviour categories according to the level of severity: insignificant, troubling, worrisome and alarming.

Move IN includes different kinds of activities to promote the values of intercultural dialogue, gender equality, and six skills (managing emotions, self-knowledge, empathy and confidence, teamwork, conflict resolution and critical thinking). With these activities we enhance the personal development of the participants and their feeling of being part of the group, the entity and the community.

Finally, we organise the community challenge: small activities to show the community what we are doing, and how we are working and contributing to strengthening the community and making their living context a better place.


We have created our Move IN Manuals in Catalan, Spanish and English. We give one guide to any of the Move IN referents (teachers, coaches and monitors). It includes the theoretical and practical information on our methodology. The English manual can be found here.

We have posted the different kinds of implementations we have made since the first edition on social media.


Instagram: eduvicoop

Furthermore, we have published a couple of articles about our project in several scientific and sports magazines like Al-Ghurabá and Docusport.


In this second edition we aimed to teach others about our methodology. We have held an informative webinar and four digital conferences where different people and organisations that are connected to our project explain from their perspective and knowledge the importance of having initiatives like Move IN.


Finally, we created collaboration agreements with COPLEFC (official association of graduates in physical education of Catalonia) and INEFC (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia)

Contact details


C/ Castelao,
124 L’Hospitalet de LLobregat.
08902 Barcelona. Spain

Contact person: Jordi Serra
Telephone: +34 610 78 70 56
Email | Website

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4 JULY 2022
Move IN Involved Sport
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