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Manchester Attack Support Group Programme (MASGP)

United Kingdom
Target Audience
FamiliesFirst responders or practitionersVictims of terrorism
key themes association
Community engagement/civil societyVictims of terrorism
Peer Reviewed practice


The MASGP was coordinated and clinically managed by a team of independent consultants* and delivered by a network of psychotherapists/psychologists.

All are contracted to Manchester City Council (government organisation which holds monies for the WLMEF). The WLMEF is a charity (Reg No England/Wales 220949).

*Dr Anne Eyre (Programme Manager), Ms Jelena Watkins (Clinical Manager) and Professor Atle Dyregrov (External Advisor).

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The MASGP was a professionally facilitated peer support group programme for the bereaved, seriously injured, responders and other survivors of the 2017 Manchester Arena terror attack. Delivered across the UK, the programme was modelled on evidence-based good practice principles for intervention following mass trauma events and terrorist related support programmes.

The programme linked to a digital focal point now migrated to an online support portal through which MASGP staff continue to signpost individuals to multiagency partners for support and other community dialogue programmes.

The programme achieved its longer-term aim to enable the establishment of an independent support network (MASN) run by and for those affected by the 2017 attack. Its legacy includes publications in a number of peer reviewed professional journals and integration into training programmes.

A number of those connected and supported through the programme have gone on to enhance their resilience by initiating, supporting and engaging in complementary educational and family-based initiatives. This includes those campaigning for prevention, for better integrated and more inclusive communities, and working to tackle hate speech.


Deliverables have included:

  • a network of 15 regional, facilitated support groups designed to ensure geographical reach, selection of suitable participants, and enhancement of resilience and coping skills
  • regular group sessions (over two years each group met every six weeks or so, supported by assessment, follow‑ups and signposting to other support services)
  • preparation and support products for facilitators; each group was run by two facilitators (predominantly psychotherapists) specially trained and experienced in disaster/terrorism-related trauma and running peer support groups
  • a bespoke framework designed around a responsive approach adapted to user requirements as identified with and by group participants, including an ongoing review process
  • Other deliverables include progress and learning reports, conference presentations and research papers relating to the programme.

Contact details


c/o P O Box 4495,
Coventry, CV3 9BQ

Contact person: Dr Anne Eyre
Telephone: (+44) (0)247 650 5262
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Manchester Attack Support Group Programme (MASGP)
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