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KacsaKő Association (KacsaKő Közösségépítő Egyesület) was established in Hungary in 2021, however the organisation has been working as an informal group of young people since 2018.

At the moment there are 2 staff members involved deeply in the daily organisational work (president and vice-president), there are 5-10 volunteers who participate in the activities during the year, and there are 20 volunteers in total involved in the implementation of the summer camp.

Regarding the youngsters, there are about 50 youngsters in total who joined the KacsaKő inclusive community throughout the years, amongst whom 40% are coming from an underprivileged background.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

By organising recreational sports and adventure activities in Hungary, KacsaKő Association is building an inclusive community of 9-14 year-old children who otherwise would never meet under regular circumstances due to the different and distant social bubbles they live in.

They invite underprivileged children who come from state care institutions, Roma settlements and from segregated schools together with children who come from majority, non-Roma, privileged backgrounds.

The aim is to bring children closer to each other to reduce their own and each other’s prejudices and to improve those social-psychological skills that help to prevent radicalisation and overcome conflicts that usually are rooted in miscommunication and misunderstanding of each other.

The main tools for the activities in the project are non-formal, outdoor and experience-based learning methods. Team sports in the spirit of fair play is one of the main activities, since in the age of our target group sport is a great tool to bring children together regardless of where they come from.

Laying down the rules of the matches together lets the children practice democratic decision-making, and by playing the games without a referee and only with the support of adult mediators, participants are empowered to stand up for themselves when they experience injustice.

A safe space is provided for children who come from different backgrounds and when conflicts occur between them, adults are there to mediate and prepare the children on how to solve conflicts in a restorative way. Main sports activities cover “KacsaKő rugby”, quidditch, football, basketball, capture the flag, orienteering and several other cooperative games.

Contact details


Meredek utca 21.
1124 Budapest,

Contact person: Borbála Takács
Telephone: +36 207 791 799
Email | Website

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4 JULY 2022
KacsaKő Experience Camp
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