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Migration and Home Affairs

Interdisciplinary cooperation 'Prevention of Radicalisation'

Target Audience
First responders or practitionersEducators/academicsAuthorities
key themes association
Multi-agency cooperationVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
Peer Reviewed practice


Federal Ministry of the Interior (governmental)

Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (governmental) Youth Welfare Councils (municipality)

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The practice brings representatives together from the police, school and youth welfare councils in a joint workshop aiming to enhance cooperation and information exchange in the context of radicalisation prevention. The workshop focuses on raising awareness of the necessity of cooperation and swift, timely information-sharing in relation to radicalisation.

The working method consists of workshop case studies and discussions.

The three-trainer team typically comprises one trainer representing each of the participating fields: police, youth welfare and schools.

Participants study a number of real-life cases highlighting the importance of cooperation. They also learn more about the other bodies (how they function and why they work as they do) and all participants ensure they have established a means of contact that will facilitate timely and swift sharing of information.

The target audience includes:

  • trainee police officers and police officers from local counterterrorism units;
  • social workers and social educators from the Youth Welfare Council;
  • principals and school social workers;

As of 2018 in Vienna, the workshop also addresses street workers, representatives of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), representatives of RAN DERAD and representatives of the municipal department 'Integration and Diversity'.


No deliverables are available.

Contact details


Federal Ministry of the Interior
Herrengasse 7
1010 Vienna

Contact person: Mario Krebs
Telephone: +43 664 2827545

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26 TOUKOKUU 2021
Interdisciplinary cooperation 'Prevention of Radicalisation'
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