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Family support and strategic communication

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Family supportForeign Terrorist Fighters and their families
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CAPRI was created in 2015 under the leadership of the City of Bordeaux, the Federation of Muslims of Gironde (FMG) and the French Society for Research and Analysis on Mind Control (SFRAEM).

This initiative, supported by the Prefecture of the Gironde, mobilized other institutions, local authorities and other foundations such as: The Charles Perrens Psychiatric Hospital, The Regional Council, and the Gironde Departmental Council. These foundations make up the CAPRI Board of Directors.

The main missions of CAPRI are support and training for professionals, primary prevention and assistance for families and young people.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

The association has set up support for families encountering concerns about a loved one adhering to a radical ideology or having left for a combat zone.

These are interviews with families in the broadest sense (parents, siblings etc.), but we also have the opportunity to meet anyone in contact with the young person and to establish links with other professionals.

The terms of discussion with the family are flexible according to needs (face-to-face interview, email, telephone). It is possible to meet the family at home to facilitate meetings.

We adapt the frequency of contacts according to needs. For example, in times of crisis, contacts can be very close in time to best support the family in the face of contextual events and/or interactions with their child.

The goal of supporting families is initially to help them understand what will lead their child to adhere to the radical discourse of a group, to be able to put meaning on this trajectory, and to understand how this behaviour comes about to be part of the family dynamics.

Secondly, we help them to reposition themselves in the relationship with their child to maintain the link or set up new communication patterns in order to restore an exchange.

In addition, we direct families to the appropriate contacts in order to find information adapted to their context (legal information, social assistance, reintegration) but also introduce them to other associations to meet people going through the same difficulties.


No deliverables are publicly available.

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Telephone: 09 83 59 17 11
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26 MAY 2021
Family support and strategic communication
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