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Enerhaugen Family Counselling Centre, Oslo

Funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs

The Norwegian Police Security Service

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The Family Counselling Centre is a low-threshold service offering help to all families in crisis, as well as families with a multi-problematic background.

The centre also plays an additional role, cooperating with municipalities to help families who find that one or more member is at risk of becoming radicalised, or that have children who have travelled to a conflict zone.

The centre offers support, intervention, family therapy, and follow-up for the parents and siblings of the person of concern.


The practice has become a component within the Government's Action Plan against radicalisation and violent extremism:

Measure: Collaboration with Family Counselling centres
Responsible Department: Ministry of Children and Equality

The Family Counselling Centre is a low-threshold offer of help for all families in crisis. Family counselling centres can also support cooperation with municipalities in preventive work for families who find that one or more members are at risk of radicalisation. Family Counselling centres also reduce the burden on families that have already seen at least one member radicalised.

Future work will include collaborative projects between Enerhaugen Family Counselling centre and the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) to raise awareness of radicalisation topics in the family.

Link to the Action Plan

Contact details


Enerhaugen familiekontor
Smedgata 49,
0651 Oslo,

Contact person: Margrethe Treider and Kirsti Foss
Telephone: (+47) 4661 6496

The Norwegian Police Security Service
Contact person: Michael Cruz
Telephone: (+47) 4091 1301

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Family Counselling Centre
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