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Education approach Radicalisation and Social Safety

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The School & Safety Foundation

The School & Safety Foundation (Stichting School & Veiligheid) supports schools (primary, secondary and vocational education) to establish and safeguard a safe social learning environment. We do so by providing up-to-date information and expert advice through our website and our helpdesk.

Our website and our helpdesk are the starting points for every professional whose job it is to develop a safe social (learning) environment at their school and in the classroom.

Type of Organisation: Foundation

Project description

The aim of the practice is to enhance the competences of teachers (and other school employees) dealing with the topic of radicalisation within their schools. Teachers will learn to recognise, act and prevent/counter radicalisation in their students. The practice also aims to enhance collaboration between schools and local authorities such as municipalities, police, youth workers and parents.

The curriculum/training is not theoretical but is based on practice, and, first and foremost, is specific to the educational context and the role of the teacher. The curriculum is actively implemented in schools across 18 municipalities with pressing problems related to radicalisation and youth.

In 2018, a specific support was developed for schools that are confronted with pupils who are placed who come from the former battlefield of Syria. It is possible that, due to this situation, a school will need to deal with parents and the press asking questions about this. The support consists of advising the school on how to normalise the situation again and is also aimed at supporting teachers on how to offer and guarantee a safe learning environment for the child.

To date, no use has been made of this support.


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The School & Safety Foundation
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Utrecht, The Netherlands

Contact person: Nathalie Vriezelaar
Telephone: +31302856508
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26 MAY 2021
Education approach Radicalisation and Social Safety
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