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Migration and Home Affairs

Echoes of IS #we share the scars

Target Audience
Online communityYouth/pupils/studentsGeneral public
key themes association
Alternative and counter narrativesVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE


Submarine Channel

Is an innovation lab and producer of new digital means of storytelling, interactive graphic novels and virtual reality.

Examples are the transmedia documentary Last hijack (Emmy Award, Best Digital Fiction, 2015), interactive documentary Refugee republic (2015), and the game Energy risk conspiracy (Emmy nomination, Best Digital Fiction, 2012).

Many of their other projects can be found online.

Type of Organisation: Foundation

Project description

Description Echoes of IS is a web documentary featuring 12 captivating stories of people affected by Islamic State (IS). People from diverse backgrounds (Dutch citizens, Syrian refugees, parents, children, ex-fighters and their relatives) bare their souls and share their life-changing experiences, often for the first time.

These 12 stories serve to counteract the dishonest fictions manufactured by the propaganda machine of IS, which targets a susceptible group of young people (aged 12 to 25).

Instead of characterising this work as 'anti-radicalisation', we provide:

  • a multifaceted perspective on 'scars' as universal qualities shared by many;
  • an online series of powerful, personal narratives that connect with young lives;
  • a model for dialogue and respect for speaking out, regardless of one's background (Muslim or non-Muslim). We want to set up a dialogue rather than take a judgemental stance.


  1. The website (running time 70 minutes)
  2. Social media content with teasers targeting 12-to-15-year-olds: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram
  3. Schools and community centres can download the portraits (5 minutes each) for use in their programmes, free of charge.
  4. We provide 'Guidelines for teachers' (text) on request.
  5. Partners use the project in their programmes: International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam (IDFA), teacher organisations and community networks.

Contact details


Submarine Channel
Arie Biemondstraat 111
1054 PD

Contact person: Corine Meijers, Hans Dortmans
Telephone: (+31) 208 204 940
hansatsubmarine [dot] nl (Email) | Website

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Echoes of IS #we share the scars
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