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Migration and Home Affairs

CSEP is moving full digital with a series of interactive digital sessions. Specific hurdles are challenging the CSEP projects in moving forward. Our theory of change is that because project have specific hurdles to overcome (e.g. on their target audience or about monitoring), they are best helped by offering interactive digital sessions that aim to solve questions relating to this hurdle. Experts on these specific aspects of online campaigning will help your projects overcome these hurdles quicker and with the latest insights in the field.

The CSEP digital sessions started during the spring with in depth-sessions on questions surrounding the elements of your campaign following the GAMMMA+ model and different digital sessions with the various online platforms (so far: Facebook and Instagram).

In September we are organising another round digital sessions about online dynamic dialogue, staying safe, staying innovative and storytelling. In addition, we will invite other industry partners (YouTube, Twitter).

Lastly, we hope to see all of you again in November to present your project to peers for peer-to-peer learning.

This is a unique opportunity to bring your project forward and expand your knowledge about online radicalisation and how to prevent it through campaigning.

The registrations will be opened per set of sessions. You can register for your sessions below.