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Lógó an Choimisiúin Eorpaigh
Migration and Home Affairs


Person who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law.


Art. 1 of UN Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons


  • BG: лице без гражданство
  • CS: osoba bez státní příslušnosti
  • DE: Staatenloser
  • EL: ανιθαγενής
  • EN: stateless person
  • ES: apátrida
  • ET: kodakondsuseta isik
  • FI: kansalaisuudeton
  • FR: apatride
  • GA: duine gan stát
  • HU: hontalan
  • IT: apolide
  • LT: asmuo be pilietybės
  • LV: bezvalstnieks
  • MT: Persuna apolida / bla stat
  • NL: staatloze
  • PL: bezpaństwowiec
  • PT: apátrida
  • RO: apatrid
  • SK: osoba bez štátneho občianstva / osoba bez štátnej príslušnosti
  • SL: apatrid / oseba brez državljanstva
  • SV: statslös
  • NO: statsløs person (b); statslaus person (n)
  • KA: მოქალაქეობის არმქონე პირი
  • UK: особа без громадянства

Related Term(s)


The definition also includes a person whose nationality is not established.