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standard operating procedures applicable in hotspots


Operational and technical guidelines on the implementation of the Hotspot Approach in case of disproportionate migratory pressure at the external EU border of any EU Member State to support the effective and sustainable preparation and operation of hotspots and the distribution of responsibilities among different stakeholders (EU and national authorities and agencies).


Derived by EMN from Commission Staff Working document: Best practices on the implementation of the hotspot approach accompanying the document, progress report on the European Agenda on Migration, SWD(2017)372.

Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) applicable to Italian hotspots

Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) applicable to Greek hotspots


  • BG: стандартни оперативни процедури, приложими в горещи точки
  • CS: standardní operační procedury aplikované v hotspotech
  • DE: Standardvorgehensweise in Hotspots / Standardverfahren für Hotspots
  • EL: Τυποποιημένες διαδικασίες λειτουργίας για τα κέντρα υποδοχής και ταυτοποίησης (ΚΥΤ-Hotspots)
  • EN: Standard operating procedures applicable in hotspots
  • ES: Procedimientos operativos estándar aplicables en los hotspots
  • ET: esmastes vastuvõtu keskustes kohaldatavad püsitoimingud
  • FI: hotspot-toimintamenettely
  • FR: procédures opérationnelles standard applicables dans les hotspots
  • HU: a hotspotokban alkalmazott általános működési eljárások
  • IT: procedure operative standard per i punti di crisi
  • LT: migrantų antplūdžio valdymo centruose taikomos standartinės veiklos procedūros
  • LV: karstajos punktos piemērojamās standartprocedūras
  • MT: Proċeduri ta’ operazzjoni standard f’inħawi / sitwazzjonijiet imwiegħra
  • NL: operationele standaardprocedures van toepassing in hotspots
  • PL: standardy procedur operacyjnych stosowane w hotspotach
  • PT: procedimentos operacionais padrão aplicáveis em pontos de crise
  • SK: štandardné / bežné pracovné postupy v hotspotoch
  • SL: Standardni operativni postopki, ki se uporabljajo na žariščnih točkah
  • SV: standardiserat tillvägagångssätt som tillämpas i hotspot-områden
  • KA: ცხელ წერტილებში გამოყენებული სტანდარტული ოპერაციული პროცედურები
  • UK: стандартні операційні процедури, що застосовуються в гарячих точках


  • H-SOPs
  • Hotspot Standard Operating Procedures (H-SOPs)
  • SOPs


  1. The SOPs should be adopted by the host Member State as early as possible prior to the start of hotspot operations and take the form of a legal act, governmental or ministerial decision or circular, depending on the host Member State's constitutional requirements.
  2. The purpose of these best practices is to set out the key principles for ensuring that hotspots are functioning effectively and that EU Member States hosting hotspots have clear guidance on what they should do, once the hotspot approach has been activated in accordance with Article 18 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 (Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard) which contains provisions on the EU operational cooperation in hotspot areas.
  3. Hotspots are in operation in Greece and Italy, but the SOPs have so far only been adopted by Italy.