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Migration and Home Affairs


The movement of a person or a group of persons who initiate and proceed with their migration plans without any outside assistance.


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  • BG: no translation
  • CS: spontánní migrace
  • DE: spontane Migration
  • EL: αυτόβουλη μετανάστευση / εκούσια μετανάστευση
  • EN: spontaneous migration
  • ES: migración espontánea
  • ET: spontaanne ränne
  • FI: spontaani / oma-aloitteinen maahanmuutto
  • FR: migration spontanée
  • GA: imirce spontáineach
  • HU: spontán migráció
  • IT: migrazione spontanea
  • LT: spontaniška migracija
  • LV: spontāna migrācija
  • MT: Migrazzjoni spontanja
  • NL: spontane migratie
  • PL: spontaniczna migracja
  • PT: migração espontânea
  • RO: migraţie spontană
  • SK: spontánna migrácia
  • SL: spontana migracija
  • SV: spontan migration
  • NO: spontan migrasjon
  • KA: სპონტანური მიგრაცია
  • UK: спонтанна міграція

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1. Spontaneous migration is usually caused by push-pull factors and is characterised by the lack of state assistance or any other type of international or national assistance.
2. The term is not in common use.