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The practice whereby workers are given pay and / or working and living conditions which are sub-standard compared to those specified by law or collective agreements in the relevant labour market, or otherwise prevalent there.


Derived by EMN from the Norwegian Regulations regarding workers from the new EU Member States


  • BG: социален дъмпинг
  • CS: sociální dumping
  • DE: Sozialdumping
  • EL: κοινωνικό ντάμπινγκ
  • EN: social dumping
  • ES: dumping social
  • ET: sotsiaalne dumping
  • FI: sosiaalinen polkumyynti
  • FR: dumping social
  • GA: dumpáil shóisialta (níor aistríodh an coincheap i dteangacha eile), coinníolacha oibre faoi bhun an chaighdeáin
  • HU: szociális dömping
  • IT: dumping sociale
  • LT: socialinis dempingas
  • LV: sociālais dempings
  • MT: Esklużjoni soċjali
  • NL: sociale dumping
  • PL: dumping socjalny
  • PT: dumping social
  • RO: dumping social
  • SK: sociálny damping / sociálny dumping
  • SL: socialni damping
  • SV: social dumpning
  • NO: sosial dumping

Narrower Term(s)

  • wage dumping


1. There is no clear, universally accepted definition of social dumping.
2. In the EU context, this practice usually refers to EU/EFTA and third-country nationals.