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An administrative structure built to deal with the exchange of information supplementary to the Schengen Information System (SIS) alerts among countries participating in the SIS.


Derived by EMN from section 1.1 of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/219


  • BG: Бюрото SIRENE
  • CS: Centrála SIRENE
  • DE: Sirene-Büro
  • EL: Τμήμα SIRENE
  • EN: Sirene Bureau
  • ES: Servicio Nacional Sirene
  • ET: SIRENE büroo
  • FI: Sirene-toimisto
  • FR: Bureau SIRENE
  • GA: Biúró Sirene
  • HU: SIRENE Iroda
  • IT: Uffici SIRENE
  • LT: SIRENE biuras
  • LV: SIRENE birojs
  • MT: Uffiċċju Sirene
  • NL: Sirene-bureau
  • PL: Biuro SIRENE
  • PT: Gabinete SIRENE
  • RO: Biroul SIRENE
  • SK: Útvar SIRENE
  • SL: Urad SIRENE
  • SV: Sirenekontor
  • NO: Sirenekontoret


  • Supplementary Information Request at the National Entries Bureau

Broader Term(s)


Each state operating the SIS has set up a national SIRENE (Supplementary Information Request at the National Entries) Bureau, operational 24/7, that is responsible for any supplementary information exchange and coordination of activities connected to SIS alerts.