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Migration and Home Affairs


A residence permit issued by the authorities of an EU Member State after a single application procedure allowing a third-country national to reside legally in its territory for the purpose of work.


Derived by EMN from Art. 2(d) of Directive 2011/98/EU (Single Permit Directive)


  • BG: единно разрешение
  • CS: jednotné povolení
  • DE: kombinierte Erlaubnis
  • EL: ενιαία άδεια
  • EN: single permit
  • ES: permiso único
  • ET: ühtne luba
  • FI: yhdistelmälupa
  • FR: permis unique
  • GA: ceadúnas aoniarratais
  • HU: összevont engedély
  • IT: permesso unico
  • LT: vienas leidimas
  • LV: vienota atļauja
  • MT: Permess għal persuna waħda
  • NL: gecombineerde vergunning
  • PL: jednolite zezwolenie
  • PT: autorização única
  • RO: permis unic
  • SK: jednotné povolenie na pobyt a zamestnanie
  • SL: enotno dovoljenje
  • SV: kombinerat tillstånd
  • NO: samlet tillatelse (b); samla løyve (n)
  • KA: ერთიანი ნებართვა
  • UK: єдиний дозвіл

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A single permit is a combined title encompassing both residence and work permits within a single administrative act based on a common set of rights for third-country workers legally residing in an EU Member State.