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Migration and Home Affairs


A third-country national who retains their principal place of residence in a third country and stays legally and temporarily in the territory of an EU Member State to carry out an activity dependent on the passing of the seasons, under one or more fixed-term work contracts concluded directly between that third-country national and the employer established in that EU Member State.


Art. 3 of Directive 2014/36/EU (Seasonal Workers’ Directive)


  • BG: сезонен работник
  • CS: sezónní pracovník
  • DE: Saisonarbeiter
  • EL: εποχικά εργαζόμενος
  • EN: seasonal worker
  • ES: trabajador de temporada extranjero
  • ET: hooajaline (võõr)töötaja
  • FI: kausityöntekijä
  • FR: travailleur saisonnier
  • GA: oibrí séasúrach
  • HU: szezonális munkavállaló migráns
  • IT: lavoratore stagionale
  • LT: sezoninis darbuotojas
  • LV: sezonas strādnieks
  • MT: Ħaddiem staġjonali / tal-istaġun
  • NL: buitenlandse seizoensarbeider
  • PL: migrant (pracownik sezonowy)
  • PT: trabalhador migrante sazonal
  • RO: lucrător / muncitor sezonier
  • SK: sezónny zamestnanec / sezónny pracovník
  • SL: sezonski delavec
  • SV: säsongsarbetare
  • NO: sesongarbeider (b); sesongarbeidar (n)
  • KA: სეზონური მუშაკი
  • UK: сезонний працівник


  • seasonal migrant
  • seasonal worker migrant

Related Term(s)


This term is specifically referring to a third-country national, although it is known that other types of seasonal workers exist, e.g. for nationals within the same country, as well as intra-EU seasonal workers.