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Migration and Home Affairs

Schengen Information System (SIS)


A joint information system that enables the relevant authorities in each EU Member State, by means of an automated search procedure, to have access to alerts on persons and property for the purposes of border checks and other police and customs checks carried out within the country in accordance with national law and, for some specific categories of alerts (Art. 96), for the purposes of issuing visas, residence permits and the administration of legislation on aliens in the context of the application of the provisions of the Schengen Convention relating to the movement of persons.


Derived by EMN from the Schengen acquis


  • BG: Шенгенска информационна система
  • CS: Schengenský informační systém
  • DE: Schengener Informationssystem
  • EL: Σύστημα Πληροφοριών Σένγκεν
  • EN: Schengen Information System (SIS)
  • ES: Sistema de Información de Schengen
  • ET: Schengeni infosüsteem
  • FI: Schengenin tietojärjestelmä (SIS)
  • FR: Système d’information Schengen (SIS)
  • GA: Córas Faisnéise Schengen
  • HR: Schengenski informacijski sustav (SIS)
  • HU: Schengeni Információs Rendszer
  • IT: Sistema di Informazione Schengen
  • LT: Šengeno informacinė sistema
  • LV: Šengenas informācijas sistēma
  • MT: Sistema (Is-) ta’ Informazzjoni Schengen
  • NL: Schengeninformatiesysteem
  • PL: System Informacji Schengen
  • PT: Sistema de Informação de Schengen
  • RO: Sistemul de Informaţii Schengen
  • SK: Schengenský informačný systém (SIS)
  • SL: Schengenski informacijski sistem
  • SV: Schengens informationssystem
  • NO: Schengen informasjonssystem
  • KA: შენგენის საინფორმაციო სისტემა (SIS)
  • UK: Шенгенська інформаційна система (SIS)
  • HY: Շենգենյան տեղեկատվական համակարգ


  • second-generation Schengen Information System
  • SIS
  • SIS II

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The second-generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) was launched in April 2013 with enhanced functionalities, such as the possibility to use biometrics, new types of alerts, the possibility to link different alerts (such as an alert on a person and a vehicle) and a facility for direct queries on the system. SIS II also contains copies of European arrest warrants (EAW), which are recognised as having the same legal value as the originals, making it easier and quicker for the competent authorities to ensure the necessary follow-up. For more information, see the webpage on SIS.