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regional protection programme


A programme designed to enhance the capacity of non-EU countries in the regions from which many refugees originate, or through which they pass in transit, with the aim to improve refugee protection through durable solutions (return, local integration and resettlement in a third country).


Derived by EMN from the Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on regional protection programmes, COM(2005) 388


  • BG: регионална програма за закрила
  • CS: program regionální ochrany
  • DE: Regionales Schutzprogramm
  • EL: περιφερειακό πρόγραμμα προστασίας
  • EN: regional protection programme
  • ES: programa regional de protección
  • ET: piirkondlik kaitsekava
  • FI: alueellinen suojeluohjelma
  • FR: programme régional de protection
  • GA: Clár Cosanta Réigiúnaí
  • HU: Regionális Védelmi Program
  • IT: programma di protezione regionale
  • LT: regioninė apsaugos programa
  • LV: reģionālās aizsardzības programma
  • MT: Programm ta’ protezzjoni reġjonali
  • NL: regionaal beschermingsprogramma
  • PL: program ochrony regionalnej
  • PT: programa regional de proteção
  • RO: program de protecţie regională
  • SK: regionálny program ochrany
  • SL: regionalni program zaščite
  • SV: regionalt skyddsprogram
  • NO: regionalt program om beskyttelse (b); regionalt program om vern (n)

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1. The first two regional protection programmes targeted Eastern Europe (in particular Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) as a region of transit and the African Great Lakes Region (particularly Tanzania) as a region of origin.