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A refugee who is temporarily admitted in the territory of a State under the condition that they are resettled elsewhere.


UNHCR International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology


  • BG: no translation
  • CS: refugee in transit (no translation)
  • DE: refugee in transit (no usual translation)
  • EL: πρόσφυγας σε ζώνη διέλευσης
  • EN: refugee in transit
  • ES: refugiado en tránsito
  • ET: transiidipagulane (no usual translation)
  • FI: kauttakulkupakolainen
  • FR: réfugié en transit
  • GA: dídeanaí idirthurais
  • HU: no usual translation
  • IT: rifugiato in transito
  • LT: tranzitinis pabėgėlis
  • LV: tranzītbēglis
  • MT: Rifuġjat(a) fi tranżitu
  • NL: vluchteling in transit
  • PL: uchodźca w tranzycie
  • PT: refugiado em trânsito
  • RO: refugiat în tranzit / refugiat aflat în tranzit
  • SK: utečenec v tranzite / tranzitujúci utečenec
  • SL: begunec v tranzitu
  • SV: transitflykting
  • NO: flyktning i transitt
  • KA: ტრანზიტული ლტოლვილი 
  • UK: транзитний біженець 

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1. This term is currently little used in the EU.
2. The term should not be confused with refugees who stay in the transit area of an airport.