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Migration and Home Affairs


A period of time determined according to national law granted to third-country nationals officially identified as victims of trafficking in human beings allowing the victim to recover and escape the influence of the perpetrators of the offences so that they can take an informed decision as to whether (or not) to cooperate with the competent authorities.


Derived by EMN from Art. 6(1) of Council Directive 2004/81/EC (Trafficking in human beings Directive)


  • BG: период за размисъл
  • CS: tzv. doba na rozmyšlení
  • DE: Bedenkzeit
  • EL: προθεσμία περίσκεψης
  • EN: reflection period
  • ES: período de reflexión
  • ET: järelemõtlemisaeg
  • FI: harkinta-aika
  • FR: délai de réflexion
  • GA: tréimhse mhachnaimh
  • HU: mérlegelési idő / gondolkodási idő
  • IT: Periodo di riflessione
  • LT: apsisprendimo laikotarpis
  • LV: nogaidīšanas periods
  • MT: Perjodu ta' riflessjoni
  • NL: bedenktijd
  • PL: czas na zastanowienie się
  • PT: período de reflexão
  • SK: lehota na rozmyslenie
  • SL: obdobje za razmislek
  • SV: betänketid
  • NO: refleksjonsperiode
  • KA: მოსაფიქრებელი ვადა
  • UK: час на обмірковування

Broader Term(s)


This term refers specifically to the context of trafficking in human beings, though 'reflection period' can be used in other national contexts with a less specific meaning.