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The condition(s) or circumstance(s) that attract a migrant to another country.


Derived by EMN from IOM Glossary on Migration, 2019.


  • BG: притегателен фактор
  • CS: pull faktor
  • DE: Pull-Faktor
  • EL: πόλος έλξης
  • EN: pull factor
  • ES: factor de atracción
  • ET: tõmbefaktor
  • FI: vetotekijä
  • FR: facteur d’attraction
  • GA: toisc tharraingthe
  • HU: húzó tényező / vonzó tényező / pull-faktor
  • IT: fattore di attrazione
  • LT: traukos veiksnys
  • LV: pievilkšanas faktors
  • MT: Fattur t’attrazzjoni / ta’ ġibda
  • NL: pull factor / aantrekkende factor
  • PL: czynnik przyciągający
  • PT: fator de atração / pull factor
  • RO: factor de atragere / pull factor
  • SK: stimulačný faktor / pull faktor
  • SL: dejavnik privabljanja
  • SV: pull-faktor
  • NO: trekkfaktor

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As recognised by the project European Reintegration Networking, this can be for a specific or a variety of reasons, e.g. expanding economic opportunities and potential for advancement in the country of destination .