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Migration and Home Affairs


A policy or a programme providing advantages for certain groups of people who are seen to have traditionally been discriminated against, with the aim of creating a more egalitarian society.


Derived by EMN from the FRA (EUMC) Open Glossary (no longer available online)


  • BG: позитивна дискриминация
  • CS: pozitivní diskriminace
  • DE: positive Diskriminierung
  • EL: θετική διάκριση
  • EN: positive discrimination
  • ES: discriminación positiva
  • ET: eeliskohtlemine
  • FI: positiivinen syrjintä
  • FR: discrimination positive
  • GA: idirdhealú dearfach
  • HU: pozitív diszkrimináció
  • IT: discriminazione positiva
  • LT: pozityvioji diskriminacija
  • LV: pozitīva diskriminācija
  • MT: Diskriminazzjoni pożittiva
  • NL: positieve discriminatie
  • PL: dyskryminacja pozytywna
  • PT: discriminação positiva
  • RO: discriminare pozitivă
  • SK: pozitívna diskriminácia
  • SL: pozitivna diskriminacija
  • SV: positiv särbehandling
  • NO: positiv diskriminering


  • affirmative action
  • positive action

Related Term(s)


This consists of preferential access to education, employment, healthcare or social welfare.