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In the context of return, the obligation of a migrant/third-country national who is subject to a return decision to report to the (nearest) police or immigration authority or court on a regular basis while awaiting removal from the country.


EMN Focussed study: The use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of Immigration policies, 2014.


  • BG: задължение за докладване
  • CS: povinnost se hlásit
  • DE: Meldepflicht / Meldeverpflichtung
  • EL: υποχρέωση αναφοράς
  • EN: obligation to report
  • ES: Obligación de presentarse
  • ET: teavitamiskohustus
  • FI: ilmoittautumisvelvollisuus
  • FR: obligation de se présenter
  • HU: jelentési kötelezettség
  • IT: obbligo di presentazione
  • LT: pareiga pranešti
  • LV: pienākums ziņot
  • MT: Obbligu (li) tirrapporta
  • NL: Meldplicht; Meldingsplicht (BE)
  • PL: obowiązek zgłoszenia
  • PT: apresentações periódicas
  • SK: povinnosť hlásiť sa
  • SL: obveznost poročanja
  • SV: anmälningsskyldighet
  • NO: meldeplikt


  • supervision

Related term(s)


1. This is one of the more frequent alternatives to detention found in national legislation of EU Member States. Reporting duties on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly or even less frequent basis may also be imposed as an additional requirement to the obligation to reside at a specified place. A supervision order may also require the foreigner to surrender their passport or other identity document.
2. The term is also used in the context of detention for reporting obligations of persons pending criminal investigation or released from jail.
3. In the context of international protection, the obligation to cooperate may include the duty of migrants to report to the competent authorities or to appear before them in person; or to inform them of their current place or address.