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Migration and Home Affairs


Obligation imposed by EU Member States upon the applicant for international protection to cooperate with the competent authorities insofar as such obligations are necessary for the processing of the application.



  • BG: задължение за сътрудничество
  • CS: povinnost spolupracovat
  • DE: Mitwirkungspflicht
  • EL: υποχρεώση συνεργασίας
  • EN: obligation to cooperate
  • ES: Obligación de cooperar
  • ET: koostöökohustus
  • FI: yhteistyövelvoite
  • FR: obligation de coopérer
  • GA: dualgas comhoibrithe
  • HU: együttműködési kötelezettség
  • IT: obbligo di collaborazione
  • LT: pareiga bendradarbiauti
  • LV: pienākums sadarboties
  • MT: Obbligu ta' kooperazzjoni
  • NL: verplichting tot samenwerking / medewerkingsplicht
  • PL: obowiązek współpracy
  • PT: obrigação de cooperar
  • RO: obligația de a coopera
  • SK: povinnosť spolupracovať
  • SL: obveznost do sodelovanja
  • SV: skyldighet att samarbeta
  • NO: plikt til å samarbeide
  • KA: თანამშრომლობის ვალდებულება
  • UK: зобов’язання зі співробітництва


  • duty to cooperate


1. These may include obligations of applicants to:
(a) report to the competent authorities or to appear before them in person;
(b) to hand over documents in their possession relevant to the examination of the application, such as their passports;
(c) to inform the competent authorities of their current place or address;
(d) to be personally searched and the items they carry with them;
(e) to have one photograph taken; and
(f) to have ones oral statements recorded.
2. Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive) allows accelerated procedures to be used in cases where applicants have failed to fulfil their obligation.