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Migration and Home Affairs

Migration Policy Integration Index (MIPEX)


A tool which measures policies to integrate migrants in more than 50 countries across all continents, including Europe with all EU Member States and several EU associated countries.


MIPEX website


  • BG: Индекс за политиката на интеграция на мигрантите (MIPEX)
  • CS: Index integračních politik migrantů (MIPEX)
  • DE: Index für die Integration von Migranten / Integrationsindex für Migranten
  • EN: Migration Policy Integration Index (MIPEX)
  • ET: sisserändajate integratsioonipoliitika indeks (MIPEX)
  • FI: Maahanmuuttajien kotoutumisindeksi
  • FR: index des politiques d’intégration des migrants (MIPEX)
  • HU: Migráns Integrációs Szakpolitikai Index
  • LV: Migrantu integrācijas politikas indekss (MIPEX)
  • PL: Indeks Polityki Integracji Migrantów (MIPEX)
  • SK: Index politík integrácie migrantov / Index integračných politík (MIPEX)
  • SL: Indeks politike vključevanja migrantov (MIPEX)
  • SV: det integrationspolitiska indexet MIPEX
  • NO: MIPEX – en internasjonal integreringsindeks som sammenligner og rangerer integreringspolitikk (b); MIPEX – ein internasjonal integreringsindeks som samanliknar og rangerer integreringspolitikk (n)
  • KA: მიგრანტთა ინტეგრაციის პოლიტიკის ინდექსი (MIPEX)
  • UK: Індекс політики інтеграції іммігрантів (MIPEX)



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1. The MIPEX encompasses 167 policy indicators in eight different policy areas (labour market mobility, family reunion, education, political participation, long-term residence, access to nationality, anti-discrimination and health) which reflect the multi-dimensional picture of migrants' opportunities to participate in society.
2. The MiPEX was first published in 2004 as the European Civic Citizenship and Inclusion Index.
3. The index is a useful tool to evaluate and compare what governments are doing to promote the integration of migrants in the host countries analysed.
4. For more information, including the full list of participating countries: website of MIPEX.