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Lógó an Choimisiúin Eorpaigh
Migration and Home Affairs


Set of measures put in place by the State and/or civil society organisations to support the integration of legally residing migrants/third-country nationals into the host society.


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  • BG: програма за интегриране
  • CS: integrační program
  • DE: Integrationsprogramm
  • EL: πρόγραμμα (κοινωνικής) ένταξης
  • EN: integration programme
  • ES: Programa de integración
  • ET: integratsiooni programm
  • FI: kotouttamisohjelma
  • FR: programme d'intégration
  • HU: integrációs program
  • IT: progetto di integrazione
  • LT: integracijos programa
  • LV: integrācijas programma
  • NL: risico op onderduiken
  • PL: program integracyjny
  • PT: programa de integração
  • SK: integračný program / program integrácie
  • SL: program vključevanja
  • SV: integrationsprogram / etableringsinsatser
  • NO: integreringsprogram

Broader Term(s)

  • integration

Narrower Term(s)

  • mandatory integration programme
  • voluntary integration programme
  • civic orientation course


1. In some EU Member States integration programmes are mandatory whereas in others they are voluntary.

2. Mandatory programmes may take different forms, such as tests or classes or long-term commitment, and are made compulsory by law or regulation. If third-country nationals do not comply with mandatory integration measures or conditions, access to certain benefits/services can be limited or certain sanctions may be imposed (such as refusal to issue a residence permit or to renew it, the withdrawal of financial or social support).

3. Voluntary programmes may be of the same nature as mandatory measures and conditions. However, there is no obligation for third-country nationals to engage in such programmes and there are no sanctions weighing on the residence permit or status where persons do not properly attend integration programmes. Incentives may have been introduced to motivate third-country nationals to participate in integration programmes.

4. In some EU Member States such integration programmes are free of charge or publicly funded, in others participants have to pay on their own.

5. Some EU Member States offer pre-departure integration measures targeted specifically at applicants of international protection.

6. Civic orientation courses are often part of the integration programme.