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Migration and Home Affairs


A person claiming the identity of another person, for instance by using the other person's authentic identity documents .


Derived by EMN based on the Norwegian ID Centre


  • BG: измамник
  • CS: osoba zneužívající cizí identitu
  • DE: Betrüger
  • EL: απατεώνας
  • EN: impostor
  • ES: impostor
  • ET: petis
  • FI: toiseksi tekeytyjä / impostori
  • FR: imposteur
  • GA: Pasadóir
  • HU: imposztor
  • IT: colui che commette il reato di sostituzione di persona
  • LT: asmuo, kuris naudojasi svetimu dokumentu
  • LV: viltvārdis
  • MT: impostur
  • NL: bedrieger
  • PT: impostor
  • SK: podvodník
  • SL: uporabnik tuje listine / slepar
  • SV: bedragare
  • NO: imposter


  • imposter


1. An impostor practises deception under an assumed identity or name or by altering their physical appearance. Imposture also applies to an authentic passport containing a false visa or stamp, or to a genuine visa in a forged passport. For further information see Frontex: Best Practice Operational Guidelines for Automated Border Control .
2. Both spellings impostor/imposter can be found, cf. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2nd edition). Both versions are used by the European Union and the Schengen Member Countries.