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Migration and Home Affairs

Immigration Liaison Officer (ILO)


A representative of one of the EU Member States, posted abroad by the immigration service or other competent authorities in order to establish and maintain contacts with the authorities of the host country with a view to contributing to the prevention and combating of irregular migration , the return of irregular migrants and the management of legal migration .


Art. 1(1) of Council Regulation (EC) No 377/2004 (Immigration Liaison Officer Regulation)


  • BG: офицер за връзка по имиграция
  • CS: imigrační styčný důstojník
  • DE: Verbindungsbeamter für Einwanderungsfragen
  • EL: Αξιωματικός Σύνδεσμος Μετανάστευσης
  • EN: Immigration Liaison Officer (ILO)
  • ES: oficiales de enlace de inmigración
  • ET: Euroopa sisserände sideametnik
  • FI: maahanmuuttoalan yhdyshenkilö
  • FR: officier de liaison «Immigration»
  • GA: Oifigeach Idirchaidrimh Inimirce (ILO)
  • HU: bevándorlási összekötő tiszt(viselő)
  • IT: funzionario di collegamento incaricato dell’immigrazione
  • LT: imigracijos ryšių palaikymo pareigūnas
  • LV: imigrācijas sadarbības koordinators
  • MT: Uffiċjal tal-Kollegament Responsabbli għall‑Immigrazzjoni (UKRI)
  • NL: immigratieverbindingsfunctionaris / immigratieverbindingsambtenaar
  • PL: oficer łącznikowy ds. imigracji
  • PT: oficial de ligação de imigração
  • RO: ofiţer de legătură pe probleme de imigraţie / ILO
  • SK: imigračný styčný dôstojník
  • SL: Uradnik za zvezo za priseljevanje
  • SV: sambandsman för invandring
  • NO: kontaktperson med ansvar for immigrasjon


  • ILO
  • national liaison officer
  • state liaison officer

Related Term(s)


1. Immigration liaison officers are to collect information concerning illegal immigration for use either at operational level or at strategic level, or both. Such information could substantially contribute to the activities of Frontex relating to risk analysis; closer cooperation between different immigration liaison officers networks and Frontex should be established to that effect. As immigration liaison officers shall also be considered the liaison officers who are dealing with immigration issues as part of their duties.
2. The immigration liaison officers could be posted to the national consular authorities of EU Member States in third countries or to the relevant authorities of other EU Member States, but also to the competent authorities of the third countries, as well as to international organisations for a reasonable time period to be determined by the posting EU Member State.
3. An amendment to Regulation (EC) 377/2004 modifying its Articles 3, 4 and 6 was adopted as Regulation (EU) No 493/2011 (Immigration Liaison Officer Regulation) on 5 April 2011.