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Migration and Home Affairs

Group of Eight Roma-Lyon Group, Migration Experts Sub-Group


A working group within the framework of G8 countries which tackles irregular migration and trafficking in human beings in the broader context of combating terrorism and transnational crime.


Website of the Group of Eight Roma-Lyon Group


  • BG: no translation
  • CS: G8 - skupina Řím - Lyon, podskupina migračních expertů
  • DE: Gruppe der Acht (Rom-Lyon-Gruppe), Untergruppe von Migrationsexperten
  • EL: Ομάδα Ρώμη-Λυών της G8, Υπο-ομάδα Εμπειρογνωμόνων για τη Μετανάστευση
  • EN: Group of Eight Roma-Lyon Group, Migration Experts Sub-Group
  • ES: subgrupo de expertos en migración Roma / Lyon del G8
  • ET: G8, rändeekspertide alagrupp
  • FI: G8-maiden Roma / Lyon-ryhmän maahanmuuttaja-asiantuntijoiden alatyöryhmä
  • FR: sous-groupe des experts en migrations du Groupe de Lyon / Rome (G8)
  • GA: Fo-Ghrúpa G8 Lyon / na Róimhe de Shaineolaithe Imirce
  • HU: G8 Lyon / Róma Migrációs Szakértői Alcsoport
  • IT: Sottogruppo G8 Roma/Lione di esperti in migrazione (R/L)
  • LT: Didžiojo aštuoneto Liono / Romos ekspertų migracijos klausimais pogrupis
  • LV: G8 Romas-Lionas grupas migrācijas ekspertu apakšgrupa
  • MT: Grupp (Il-) ta’ appoġġ G8 Lyon-Roma b’esperti fuq il-migrazzjoni
  • NL: G8 Lyon / Roma Migration Experts Sub-Group
  • PL: Podgrupa ekspertów w zakresie migracji Lyon / Rzym - G8
  • PT: Subgrupo de peritos em migração Roma/Lyon do G8
  • RO: no usual translation
  • SK: Podskupina migračných expertov skupiny G8 Lyon‑Rím
  • SL: Skupna osmih Rim - Lion, Podskupina strokovnjakov za migracije
  • SV: G8:s Roma / Lyon-grupp
  • NO: G8 Lyon / Roma-undergruppen av migrasjonseksperter (b); G8 Lyon / Roma‑undergruppa av migrasjonsekspertar (n)


  • G8 Lyon / Roma Migration Experts Sub-Group
  • Roma-Lyon Group


1. The G8 Roma-Lyon Group mainly focuses on strategies relating to public security in an effort to combat terrorism and transnational crime. It gathers experts who are all civil servants from the G8 members, mainly from justice, foreign affairs and law enforcement services and intelligence agencies. The Group consists of several sub-groups dealing with different aspects of transnational crime.
2. G8 countries are Canada, FR, DE, IT, Japan, Russia, UK and the United States of America, with the European Commission also attending meetings.