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Lógó an Choimisiúin Eorpaigh
Migration and Home Affairs

group determination of refugee status


A practice by which all persons forming part of a large-scale influx are regarded as refugees on a prima facie basis, ensuring that protection and assistance needs are met without prior individual determination of refugee status.


UNHCR Master Glossary of Terms


  • BG: групово определяне на статут на бежанец
  • CS: skupinové určení statusu uprchlíka
  • DE: Gruppenfeststellung der Flüchtlingseigenschaft
  • EL: ομαδικός καθορισμός του καθεστώτος του πρόσφυγα
  • EN: group determination of refugee status
  • ES: determinación colectiva de la condición de refugiado
  • ET: grupi pagulasseisundi kindlaksmääramine
  • FI: pakolaisaseman ryhmämäärittäminen
  • FR: détermination collective du statut de réfugié
  • GA: stádas dídeanaí a chinneadh ar bhun grúpa
  • HU: no usual translation, csoportos elismerés menekültként
  • IT: riconoscimento collettivo dello status di rifugiato
  • LT: pabėgėlio statusas (suteikiamas grupei)
  • LV: bēgļa statusa noteikšana grupai
  • MT: Għarfien kollettiv tal-istatus ta’ rifuġjat
  • NL: vaststelling van prima facie vluchtelingschap / vaststelling van vluchtelingenstatuut zonder meer
  • PL: grupowe uznanie statusu uchodźcy
  • PT: determinação colectiva do estatuto de refugiado (refugiados prima facie)
  • RO: determinarea statutului de refugiat în cazul unui grup
  • SK: skupinové určenie štatútu utečenca
  • SL: skupinsko določanje statusa begunca
  • SV: gruppbestämning av flyktingstatus
  • NO: gruppeavgjørelse av flyktningstatus (b); gruppeavgjerd av flyktningestatus (n)


  • prima facie determination of refugee status

Related Term(s)


Refugee status must normally be determined on an individual basis, but when large populations are displaced under circumstances that indicate that most members of the population could individually be considered refugees, and where the need to provide protection and assistance is urgent and / or where it may not be possible for practical reasons to carry out an individual determination of refugee status, each member of that population in question can be regarded prima facie (in the absence of evidence to the contrary) as a refugee. In other words, the presumption is that individual members of the population concerned would be considered as refugees in need of protection. For more information, see UNHCR: Refugee status determination 2005