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Migration and Home Affairs


A country in which an applicant for international protection has either
(a) been recognised as a refugee and they can still avail themselves of that protection ; or
(b) otherwise enjoys sufficient protection, including benefiting from the principle of non-refoulement, provided that they will be readmitted to that country.


Art. 35 of Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive)


  • BG: първа страна на убежище
  • CS: první země azylu
  • DE: erster Asylstaat / erstes Asylland
  • EL: πρώτη χώρα ασύλου
  • EN: first country of asylum
  • ES: primer país de asilo
  • ET: esmane varjupaigariik
  • FI: ensimmäinen turvapaikkamaa
  • FR: premier pays d’asile
  • GA: an chéad tír thearmainn
  • HU: első menedék országa
  • IT: paese di primo asilo
  • LT: pirmoji prieglobsčio šalis
  • LV: pirmā patvēruma valsts
  • MT: L-Ewwel art / pajjiż tal-ażil
  • NL: eerste land van asiel
  • PL: kraj pierwszego azylu
  • PT: primeiro país de asilo
  • RO: prima ţară de azil
  • SK: prvá krajina azylu
  • SL: prva država azila
  • SV: första asylland
  • NO: første asylland
  • KA: პირველი თავშესაფრის ქვეყანა
  • UK: перша країна притулку


  • country of first asylum
  • first asylum principle


1. In applying the concept of ‘first country of asylum’ to the particular circumstances of an applicant, EU Member States may take into account Art. 38(1) of the Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive) (‘concept of safe third country’).
2. In accordance with relevant legislation, an applicant shall be allowed to challenge the application of the first country of asylum concept in relation to their particular circumstances.