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Specifically, any of the provisions of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol , such as articles 1D, 1E and 1F, which mandatorily deny the benefits of refugee status to persons who already received UN or national protection , or to persons about whom there are good reasons to believe that they have committed a war crime, a crime against humanity , a serious non-political crime, or acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN (e.g. the persecution of others).


Art. 1D, 1E and 1F of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol


  • BG: изключваща клауза
  • CS: exkluzivní klauzule / vylučovací klauzule
  • DE: Ausschlussklausel
  • EL: ρήτρα αποκλεισμού
  • EN: exclusion clause
  • ES: cláusula de exclusión
  • ET: välistav klausel
  • FI: poissulkemislauseke
  • FR: clause d’exclusion
  • GA: clásal eisiaimh
  • HU: kizáró klauzulák
  • IT: clausola di esclusione
  • LT: prašymo atmetimo pagrindai
  • LV: izslēgšanas noteikums
  • MT: Klawsola ta’ tbarrija / t’esklużjoni
  • NL: uitsluitingsgronden
  • PL: klauzula wykluczająca
  • PT: cláusulas de exclusão
  • RO: cauză de excludere
  • SK: doložka o vylúčení / vylučovacia klauzula / vylučovacie ustanovenie
  • SL: izključitvena klavzula
  • SV: undantagsklausul
  • NO: unntaksbestemmelse (b); unntaksføresegn (n)
  • KA: გამორიცხვის დებულება
  • UK: застереження про виключення

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The EU asylum acquis (see for example Art. 12 and 17 of Directive 2011/95/EU (Recast Qualification Directive) has incorporated these Geneva Refugee Convention clauses whilst additionally stipulating exclusion clauses in relation to subsidiary protection .