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Migration and Home Affairs

European Migration Forum (EMF)


A platform for dialogue on integration issues and other topics on immigration and asylum between civil society organisations and European institutions which meet once a year for two days of work.


Description of the European Migration Forum on the Website of DG Migration and Home Affairs.


  • BG: Европейски форум за миграцията (ЕФМ)
  • CS: Evropské migrační fórum (EMF)
  • DE: Europäisches Migrationsforum (EMF)
  • EL: Ευρωπαϊκό Φόρουμ για τη Μετανάστευση (ΕΦΜ/EMF)
  • EN: European Migration Forum (EMF)
  • ES: Foro Europeo de Migración
  • ET: Euroopa rändefoorum
  • FI: Euroopan muuttoliikefoorumi
  • FR: Forum européen sur la migration (FEM)
  • HU: Európai Migrációs Fórum
  • IT: Forum europeo della migrazione
  • LT: Europos migracijos forumas
  • LV: Eiropas migrācijas forums
  • MT: Forum (Il-) Ewropew tal-Migrazzjoni (FEM)
  • NL: Europees Migratieforum
  • PL: Europejskie Forum Migracji
  • PT: Fórum Europeu das Migrações (FEM)
  • SK: Európske fórum pre migráciu
  • SL: evropski forum za migracije / evropski migracijski forum
  • SV: Europeiskt migrationsforum
  • NO: European Migration Forum (EMF)


  • EMF
  • European Migration Forum

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The EMF was created in 2015 to replace the European Integration Forum, its extended scope now covers topics related to immigration and asylum, in addition to integration issues.