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Migration and Home Affairs


  • In the global context , the act of departing or exiting from one State with the intention to remain abroad for a period exceeding one year.
  • In the EU context, the action by which a person, having previously been usually resident in the territory of an EU Member State, ceases to have their usual residence in that EU Member State or another EU Member State for a period that is, or is expected to be, of at least 12 months.



  • BG: емиграция
  • CS: vystěhovalectví / emigrace
  • DE: Abwanderung / Auswanderung / Emigration
  • EL: αποδημία / μετανάστευση
  • EN: emigration
  • ES: emigración
  • ET: väljaränne
  • FI: maastamuutto
  • FR: émigration
  • GA: eisimirce
  • HU: emigráció/ kivándorlás
  • IT: emigrazione
  • LT: emigracija
  • LV: emigrācija
  • MT: Emigrazzjoni
  • NL: emigratie
  • PL: emigracja
  • PT: emigração
  • RO: emigraţie
  • SK: vysťahovalectvo / emigrácia
  • SL: izselitev /emigracija
  • SV: utvandring
  • NO: utvandring
  • KA: ემიგრაცია
  • UK: еміграція

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