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Migration and Home Affairs


A person who has filed an application for family reunification and who is granted entry and residence by the Member State to stay with a legally resident family member or other.


EMN: Family Reunification of Third-Country Nationals in the EU plus Norway: National Practices, 2016.


  • BG: лице на издръжка
  • CS: závislá osoba
  • DE: zuzugsberechtigter Familienangehöriger / Familienangehöriger, dem Unterhalt gewährt wird
  • EL: συντηρούμενο / εξαρτώμενο μέλος
  • EN: dependant
  • ES: dependiente
  • ET: ülalpeetav
  • FI: huollettava
  • FR: personne à charge
  • GA: cleithiúnaí
  • HU: eltartott
  • IT: persona a carico
  • LT: išlaikomas asmuo
  • LV: apgādājamais
  • MT: Persuna dipendenti
  • NL: afhankelijk gezinslid /persoon ten laste (very narrow)
  • PL: osoba pozostająca na utrzymaniu
  • PT: dependente / pessoa a cargo
  • RO: persoană aflată în întreținere
  • SK: závislá osoba
  • SL: vzdrževanec
  • SV: anhörig
  • NO: forsørget person (b); forsørgd person (n)
  • KA: (ოჯახის წევრზე) დამოკიდებული / კმაყოფაზე მყოფი პირი
  • UK: утриманець

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For more information, see EMN: Family reunification, 2016.