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Migration and Home Affairs


In the migration context, a professional who facilitates the communication (including interpretation) between people speaking different languages and coming from different cultural backgrounds.


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  • BG: посредник за социална (и културна) ориентация
  • CS: kulturní mediátor
  • DE: interkultureller Mediator / kultureller Mediator
  • EL: πολιτιστικός διαμεσολαβητής
  • EN: cultural mediator
  • ES: Mediador cultural
  • ET: kultuurivahendaja
  • FI: kulttuurivälittäjä / kulttuuritulkki
  • FR: médiateur culturel
  • IT: mediatore culturale
  • LT: kultūrinis mediatorius
  • LV: kultūras vidutājs
  • MT: Medjatur / Bejjien kulturali
  • NL: Culturele mediator / Intercultureel bemiddelaar
  • PL: mediator kulturowy
  • PT: mediador cultural
  • SK: kultúrny mediátor
  • SL: kulturni mediator
  • SV: kulturtolk
  • NO: kulturtolk
  • KA: კულტურათა შუამავალი
  • UK: культурний медіатор


  • intercultural mediator


1.Cultural mediators provide information on different sets of value, orientations to life, beliefs, assumptions and socio-cultural conventions by clarifying culture-specific expressions and concepts that might give rise to misunderstanding.

2. Intercultural mediation is not a registered profession; thus the role of cultural mediators is not clearly defined and acknowledged. Therefore the practice does not follow a standardised code of conduct, and it is not exercised within a certain legal framework.

3. The terms cultural mediator and intercultural mediator are used differently in EU Member States and different standards apply.

4. Cultural mediator should not be confused with the term interpreter, as intercultural mediation is a much wider and a more enriched means of communicating messages from sender to receiver than interpreting. For more information see also the entry of interpreter.